Friday, January 20, 2012


It is so nice to finally have a chance to carry my Versace for H&M bag! It’s been almost a month since I bought it, mainly because it is small I can only wait for an occasion when I don’t need to bring a lot of stuffs with me. But I love it because it is so pink and cute. This was taken last Sunday. My friend invited me to go to a mini band show hosted by his church. The four underground bands all had their own style. Although it was cold (as you notice from my outfit that I am not wearing pants) I enjoyed the show very much :) It is nice to see these bands working so hard toward their dream.

Have a good day!

終於有機會用我VERSACE X H&M的手袋了! 買了差不多2個月, 都沒有機會用. 因為要等到有機會出去是不需要帶很多東西才可以用. 但是我很愛! 我最愛的桃紅色!

這些照片是上個星期日拍的. 我的朋友邀請我去他的教會. 因為他的教會舉辦了一個音樂會. 被邀請的樂隊都是一些很努力為自己的夢想而一齊做音樂的underground band. 每一對樂隊都有自己的風格. 很高興可以看到這些那麼努力做好音樂的人. 

Coat: H&M / Sweater: Monki / Tank: Vintage / Bag: Versace for H&M

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